Formation And Operation Of Real Estate Entities

There are many required steps when it comes to successful formation and operation of real estate entities in California. When taking into account ownership, tax and liability considerations, care is definitely required in the type of entity chosen.

Choosing The Right Entity Structure

Daniel K. Winton brings 35 years of attorney experience to the real estate entity formation area. He understands how limited partnerships, limited liability companies and other strategic alliances operate. Through his analysis of every detail, he can determine which entity best serves the needs of his clients. His efforts also lead to significant protection of both personal and business assets for the acquisition and financing of commercial, office and retail properties.

Experience In Forming The Right Entity

Given his experience in forming such entities, Dan is able to help his clients select the right entity for the project in question, limiting the client's liability exposure, as well as selecting the state in which to organize the entity, whether it's California, Delaware or another state. He knows how to structure each entity so it operates in the desired manner to achieve the client's objectives as well as to minimize conflicts among owners, or, if there are conflicts, providing for the expeditious resolution of those conflicts.

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