Real Estate Acquisitions And Sales

Over the years Dan Winton has assisted many developers, users and investors in the purchase and sale as well as the exchange of real estate, having negotiated hundreds of transactions from raw land to improved commercial properties. Many of these transactions are multimillion-dollar affairs. Having worked with all the major title companies in Southern California, he personally knows title officers who can assist in resolving title issues. He also knows experienced and sophisticated escrow officers he can work with to ensure a successful closing of the most complex transaction.

A Lawyer Who Gets The Deal Done

His clients are typically very clear on their objectives in a transaction, and Dan knows how to deliver results in a timely and affordable manner. Dan does not let his ego get in the way and always places his clients' needs first.

Over the years, purchase and sale agreements have grown more complex; sellers are being asked to provide more representations and warranties, and buyers are being asked to purchase the property on an as-is basis, releasing sellers of liability while also limiting a buyer's remedies. It is important to engage an attorney with the knowledge and experience to cut through complexity and focus on what is important — minimizing liability for his client and getting the deal closed.

A Real Estate Attorney Who Understands Real Estate Finance

A key component of acquiring real estate is financing the purchase of that real estate. Dan has closed over a thousand real estate loans and is thoroughly familiar with institutional lenders' loan documents, from promissory notes to deeds of trust to environmental indemnities to guaranties. The institutional lenders he has dealt with range from local and regional banks using laser pro documents to life insurance companies to Wall Street-securitized conduit lenders. In conjunction with many of these loans, Dan has also advised borrowers who were required to defease existing loans. He has a good understanding as to what modifications lenders will agree to make as well as what lenders will not agree to make. Often there is a time crunch for the closing of a loan and Dan has worked around the clock to make sure that the loan closes as required.

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